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Konrad Kinard Biographical Information

A Texas native, Konrad Kinard was born in Denton, Texas, where he attended the University of North Texas in Music.

After leaving university he moved to New York City. In NYC he started the band 'In the Service Of....' with Bettina Köster, of Malaria (Neu Deutsche Welle) and joined art-rock composer, Rhys Chatham, playing in his guitar orchestra, recording 'Die Donnergötter', collaborated with David Linton and toured the dance piece ' The Watteau Duets'with Linton,  choreographer Karole Armitage, and Joseph Lennon

Afterwards, he composed and toured worldwide with the Montreal company La La La Human Steps for the dance performance 'Human Sex'.

Upon returning to New York Konrad started the left-of-pop duo Slash Orchestra with drummer James Lo ( Live Skull/ Chavez) releasing 'Hypothetical World ' on Bean Creek Recordings, and two releases on Sub Rosa Europa ( Brussels).


Two tours in Europe and performing at festivals and small venues Konrad decided to stay in Berlin to recover and write new material.


There he worked with Set-A-Lite producer Frank Osterland producing music from East Berlin bands such as The Daniloff Ensemble and singer Nitzametin, a Kurdish singer/composer in exile from Turkey.


Later,  moving to London, Konrad decided to begin again with his first instruments of voice and guitar (in addition to electronics),  started finding his way back to the music he grew up with to begin writing new material.

Influenced by Americana he recorded and released 'MAST ERSO FWAR' with steel guitarist B.J. Cole and Sonicvariable, under the name ZeroPing. Additionally, as ZeroPing,  he was the female keyboard player with London's The Woodentops, when they reformed in 2006 until they finally found a female to take his place.

After time away due to injury and illness and raising young children in Berlin and Leeds, Konrad Kinard is returning to performing with 'War Is Family (Surviving the Cold War and the unravelling of Imagined America)

Konrad Kinard +447577111274

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